Not the face!

I may have mentioned before that some of my boys are at their hormonal ‘teenage’ phase, where they scuffle a lot. Generally it’s best to leave them alone and let them sort out their own pecking order, unless they draw blood. Well, Mordin has had his ear scratched open twice now – the second time just this week. It is still healing.

Now I am left wondering, well how bad does it have to get before I should get Garrus neutered? Should I get Garrus neutered or just keep them separate? Or just see how it goes. Okay, this time I didn’t actually witness what happened to his ear, but it is most likely from another fight with Garrus. I have made sure that they have stayed in separate cages this week (though they still get together at playtime), at least until Mordin’s ear heals.

But each time this pretty boy’s ears get damaged, I can’t help but think: “Not the face!”

Model Rat: Mordin is such a pretty boy!

Model Rat: Mordin is such a pretty boy!


Free printable flyer and other rat info

Basic rat care flyerStarting this blog was not just a way for me to write regularly and a place to upload my thousands of rat photos – though it can be those things too – my intention was also to share information on proper care of rats and to show what awesome pets they are.

Honestly, it took me a while to finally decide to blog about my rats, because I didn’t feel I had much to add. And for that reason, I am not going to repeat all the wonderful information available on other sites already – I still consider myself a learner and not an expert on rat care. So this blog will be mostly stories, photos and personal experiences with my rats, which I hope will be informative to a certain extent, and give anyone who has not had pet rats a glimpse into what they are like.

But I would still like to share information – sharing of knowledge is my favourite thing about the internet! So I have added a Rat Care page, which includes some links to great, informative websites, along with a copy of my basic rat care flyer – you are welcome to download the printable version or share the image online if you like it.

There is a pet expo coming soon in my home town and my vets, who will have a stand there, have been kind enough to allow me to give them some rat care flyers, which they will distribute along with their info packs. This flyer is a joint effort with members of the Ratanooga forums, who all love their rats madly and want to tell the world how awesome their little fuzzbutts are.