Added sweetener

Some medicine for rats is awful. Baytril, for example, has to be hidden in some delicious treat.

Luckily, ViralGuard Junior is designed for human children. I give it to my rats to boost their immune system. A number of them have issues with wheezing and so on, so it’s an added boost to keep them healthy. And they love it!

I just had to take a video of how excited they get to take their ‘medicine’.


Critical mass reached. Vet trip triggered.

Four of the boys got bundled off to the vet on Saturday. Godric has been on Baytril for most of his life now as he wheezes every day. Mordin and Garrus have also been wheezing and they have been on Baytril for about a month now, which doesn’t seem to have made much difference. So I have been thinking of taking them to the vet to ask about the possibility of using antihistamines.

On Friday night Eric’sĀ  cheek suddenly swelled up and, while I suspected it was just a result of an overzealous scuffle, it seemed like I had reached a critical mass of rat health problems and it was time to take them.

As expected, the vet figured Eric would be fine, and the swelling has gone down pretty quickly, so no problem there. Most likely Garrus is too blame. He can be quite nasty sometimes.

For the wheezers,Ā  I asked about the antihistamines and he gave me a dosage to give them of Allegex Elixir – the children’s syrup – and we will see how that goes. The vet also said if they had an ongoing respiratory infection, he would expect them not to be quite so healthy in all other respects. So it is possible they are having allergy problems. Like their mommy.

I hope that it sorts them out because allegies would be infinitely better than respiratory infections. I will post updates on whether it works.