Birthdays come twice a year

The boys have been sick and they still are, but at the moment, it seems to be levelling out. They are not better, but better than they were a little while ago. I won’t go into detail, but it has been tiring. Garrus lost a lot of weight, and Godric seemed to have found it all and taken it for himself – he is such a pompom now! There is no more confusing him and Eric – the difference in weight is enormous. I am feeding Garrus extra and he doesn’t seem to be losing any more.

One bright note – we had another birthday party. Birthdays come twice a year in our home. Mordin, Garrus and Thane were born around the same time and they turned one in February this year.

Tyrion, Eric and Godric are all petshop rats and I guess their birthdays to be in July, with Eric and Godric turning two and Tyrion turning one. So they all got a little treat to celebrate. They were a little put out that mommy used it as a photo opportunity and made camera clacking sounds while they were trying to eat. The noms were worth it though.


Why can’t we have nice things?

You didn’t say I couldn’t.

After the initial destruction of my bedding that came with my first rat experience, I have learned. I have adabpted. I have covered my stuff with fleece and made sure those little teeth have other things to keep them occupied.

My dear, clever little Garrus is quite the adventurous sort and has taught himself all manner of things. Things like: how to climb onto places mommy doesn’t want me to go, how to chew daddy’s stuff.

This week, Garrus did what I should have seen coming for some time now. The signs were there. I really should have made a plan earlier.

He chewed through my camera cable. I caught him in the act.

Well, things have been moved around, and Garrus won’t be abseiling quite as easily as before.