Not the face!

I may have mentioned before that some of my boys are at their hormonal ‘teenage’ phase, where they scuffle a lot. Generally it’s best to leave them alone and let them sort out their own pecking order, unless they draw blood. Well, Mordin has had his ear scratched open twice now – the second time just this week. It is still healing.

Now I am left wondering, well how bad does it have to get before I should get Garrus neutered? Should I get Garrus neutered or just keep them separate? Or just see how it goes. Okay, this time I didn’t actually witness what happened to his ear, but it is most likely from another fight with Garrus. I have made sure that they have stayed in separate cages this week (though they still get together at playtime), at least until Mordin’s ear heals.

But each time this pretty boy’s ears get damaged, I can’t help but think: “Not the face!”

Model Rat: Mordin is such a pretty boy!

Model Rat: Mordin is such a pretty boy!


Let’s celebrate spring! (a month late)


Hullo! What’s this?

Let’s celebrate spring by pushing the flowers out of the way so we can get to the snacks mommy sneakily hid at the bottom of this watering can.

I absolutely could not resist this cute watering can I saw in a shop window that I walk past every day when I go to and from work. That much temptation was just too much to resist. I started imagining the gorgeous shots with a little rat head peeking adorably out of the top of the watering can, with a little flower on the side, and before I knew it I was paying for the water can and some silk flowers to go with it!

I regret nothing.




Balancing act

Why can’t we have nice things?

You didn’t say I couldn’t.

After the initial destruction of my bedding that came with my first rat experience, I have learned. I have adabpted. I have covered my stuff with fleece and made sure those little teeth have other things to keep them occupied.

My dear, clever little Garrus is quite the adventurous sort and has taught himself all manner of things. Things like: how to climb onto places mommy doesn’t want me to go, how to chew daddy’s stuff.

This week, Garrus did what I should have seen coming for some time now. The signs were there. I really should have made a plan earlier.

He chewed through my camera cable. I caught him in the act.

Well, things have been moved around, and Garrus won’t be abseiling quite as easily as before.