Teen Troubles: my bully boy

What did you say? I think I heard him say he's boss. Let's get him!

Mordin: What did you say? Garrus: I think I heard him say he’s boss. Let’s get him!

If you looked at most of the photos I take of Garrus, you would think him to be an adorable sweetheart. Well, he is, of course, most of the time.  But sometimes he gets into a mood – and in those moments the other rats would be better off just avoiding him.

He is a little teenage bully. At 7 months old, he, Thane and Mordin are at a hormonal time in their lives (according to the good people on the Ratanooga Forums) – probably equivalent to the teenage years. So there is a tendency to be a bit ‘macho’.

Thane and Mordin also pick fights quite a bit (Mordin likes to nip ears), but Garrus really is the worst. He picks fights with everybody, and he has poor Eric and Godric cowering and running away from him – the gentle souls. Sometimes he gets really into it; his hairs bristle up and he won’t let up.

Face-off: Garrus 'boxing' with Godric

Face-off: Garrus ‘boxing’ with Godric

The general rule is to just leave them to it unless blood is drawn, because they need to sort out the pecking order. But I must admit, I have occasionally ‘rescued’ one of my big boys (Eric and Godric) from him – they just look as if they don’t even know what hit them.  They really don’t fight back much anymore, like in the photo to the right – rather they end up on their backs just kicking at him.

Garrus really is the most aggressive rat I have had so far, so I hope the reign of terror ends soon, and everyone can just agree that Garrus is boss… tyrant… whatever.