Stuff for Rats

Stuff for Rats

Beds for rats

Beds for rats

I’ve gotten some lovely things for my rats. It’s a pit I don’t sew, but some wonderful people who do make these awesome things.

Hammocks, cubes, cuddle cup beds, and the monster play toy.

I got my hammocks, cubes and beds, etc, from Crazy Creatures Creations. You can see by the picture that my rats have ‘made their bed’ in a sense, and now they have to lie in it. It seems to be mostly when they are young that you get a lot of chewing and they ‘additional openings’ appear. But when they grow up a bit they get over it.

Cube. Please note: incorrect use

Cube. Please note: incorrect use

The awesome monster toy was from Mischief Pet Products. I’ts got the opening of the huge mouth, and then each of the 4 legs has a further 2 openings.

And here are some links for where you can get stuff like this in South Africa.

Where to purchase Stuff for Rats:

Crazy Creatures Creations:

Mischief Pet Products:


Settican’s Rat Comforts:

Monster Toy. Mordin approves.

Monster Toy. Mordin approves.


I would be happy to include links to rat products from any country. So feel free to send me a link.


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