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Teen Troubles: my bully boy

What did you say? I think I heard him say he's boss. Let's get him!

Mordin: What did you say? Garrus: I think I heard him say he’s boss. Let’s get him!

If you looked at most of the photos I take of Garrus, you would think him to be an adorable sweetheart. Well, he is, of course, most of the time.  But sometimes he gets into a mood – and in those moments the other rats would be better off just avoiding him.

He is a little teenage bully. At 7 months old, he, Thane and Mordin are at a hormonal time in their lives (according to the good people on the Ratanooga Forums) – probably equivalent to the teenage years. So there is a tendency to be a bit ‘macho’.

Thane and Mordin also pick fights quite a bit (Mordin likes to nip ears), but Garrus really is the worst. He picks fights with everybody, and he has poor Eric and Godric cowering and running away from him – the gentle souls. Sometimes he gets really into it; his hairs bristle up and he won’t let up.

Face-off: Garrus 'boxing' with Godric

Face-off: Garrus ‘boxing’ with Godric

The general rule is to just leave them to it unless blood is drawn, because they need to sort out the pecking order. But I must admit, I have occasionally ‘rescued’ one of my big boys (Eric and Godric) from him – they just look as if they don’t even know what hit them.  They really don’t fight back much anymore, like in the photo to the right – rather they end up on their backs just kicking at him.

Garrus really is the most aggressive rat I have had so far, so I hope the reign of terror ends soon, and everyone can just agree that Garrus is boss… tyrant… whatever.

Why can’t we have nice things?

You didn’t say I couldn’t.

After the initial destruction of my bedding that came with my first rat experience, I have learned. I have adabpted. I have covered my stuff with fleece and made sure those little teeth have other things to keep them occupied.

My dear, clever little Garrus is quite the adventurous sort and has taught himself all manner of things. Things like: how to climb onto places mommy doesn’t want me to go, how to chew daddy’s stuff.

This week, Garrus did what I should have seen coming for some time now. The signs were there. I really should have made a plan earlier.

He chewed through my camera cable. I caught him in the act.

Well, things have been moved around, and Garrus won’t be abseiling quite as easily as before.