Borlu, the new guy

After having only Dexter and Lundy for a long time, always worrying about illness, and finding out eventually that I was paranoid and my rats are in fact healthy… I was scrolling through the Mischief Rat Rescue Facebook page and I saw there was a litter needing homes in Port Elizabeth! This is a pretty rare occurrence. I admit it didn’t take me too long to decide I wanted to get more rats.

So I contacted the owner. I would have liked to take two little boys, but only one was left – a siamese. I named him Borlu*.



Siamese 'receding hairline'



The difficulties were: that Lundy and Dexter have lived with only each other for so long, that little Borlu was alone in facing two much bigger boys, and that perhaps I rushed thing a bit in the beginning trying to introduce them.

It took three weeks before they were living together. Which is not so long really, but it was a stressful three weeks. The first neutral area was surely not neutral enough. It took a couple of times in the shower and a coincidental trip to the vet to get them huddling together. 

Finally, the three are living for now in my third cage, which had been unused. When Borlu is big enough, they will move into the big cage that Lundy and Dexter were in before.



First day in new cage - Lundy still gets puffy!


Eating together happily at last!

*Borlu is named after a character from China Miéville’s novel “The City and the City”.


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