New boys

I have not written in a long time. So many things have changed. All the boys from my 6-pack have now passed on. The last one, Tyrion, died in my arms – a blessing in a way, as anyone who has rats would understand.


To commemorate my lost “babies”, I had some mugs made with their pictures on. This is very much in my idiom because I like drinking my tea from beautiful mugs, and what could be more beautiful than all those precious memories of those adorable faces?

I have two new little guys, who I got when Tyrion, Thane and possibly even Godric were still around. The hope was to provide company for Tyrion/Thane since they didn’t get along. It didn’t work out so well. Tyrion was too sick and as it was I started to hear sounds in the new boys’ lungs. I have decided no more new rats until after these two have gone. Fresh start. I can’t keep having each new rat get infected.


Their names are Dexter and Lundy. They are brothers from two different litters, one shortly after another. I got them from Mischief Rat Rescue. Both are supposedly “silverfawn”. Lundy has got some beautiful fawn flecks from the base of his tail, fading up his back. Dexter is more just the champagne colour you see. Lundy is the older, and he is quite the cuddler. Dexter is more playful,  curious, skittish.



I recently took them out into the back yard for the first time, something I am not keen on because of the dogs. But it went well. They stayed in the cage, obviously. I think it was good for them and I will try to do it more often.


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  1. A great blog, Kate! 🙂

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