Added sweetener

Some medicine for rats is awful. Baytril, for example, has to be hidden in some delicious treat.

Luckily, ViralGuard Junior is designed for human children. I give it to my rats to boost their immune system. A number of them have issues with wheezing and so on, so it’s an added boost to keep them healthy. And they love it!

I just had to take a video of how excited they get to take their ‘medicine’.


2 comments on “Added sweetener

  1. Ann Staub says:

    They are just too cute! And that looks kind of hard. I haven’t heard of the ViralGuard thing, will have to look into it. The Baytril we used to prescribe to rats and other small pets was always compounded and flavored to taste yummy for them.

    • Kate says:

      ViralGuard is an immune booster. Contains Propolis, Elderberry and Echinacea, apparently 🙂 Might be a South African product. I don’t know. Don’t think we get the flavoured Baytril here. My vet usually gives me the injectable type which smells and tastes awful.

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