Excursions and Medications


Yesterday, the rat pack went to visit granny. We were spraying for ants at home and I didn’t want to have the rats around while that was happening.

Granny was very happy to have them, but mommy was a little bit concerned they might come back five times their original size. As it turns out, granny didn’t have the heart to wake them up for food in the middle of the day (“We wouldn’t have minded!”)

My husband and I later joined my parents for supper before taking the furkids home again.

You expect me to come out there?

INTO THE LIGHT: You expect me to come out there?

My mom has a nice, completely enclosed patio, and I thought it would be lovely to let them play there for a while. I don’t have any ‘rat-proof’ room at home so they are always restricted to the bed for playtime.

But the rats were not having any of it. It was probably too early, and perhaps when it got dark, they might have ventured out, but I took the cage inside before dark. In any case, they had a lovely evening, being spoiled by granny and playing around the living room, running across the couches, exploring ‘new’ people and begging for food. Eric was a happy boy just to sit  with his dad.

DADDY'S BOY: I'm happy here, thanks. - Eric

DADDY’S BOY: I’m happy here, thanks. – Eric


Today they had some mites treatment. I have been concerned for some time now about them having mites because they have been scratching a lot. Unfortunately the Corn Cob, which I have used as litter in their ‘litter tray’ until recently, is prone to having mites in it. It can be solved by putting the bag in the freezer for 48 hours before opening it, but I often ended up buying the new bag only when the old had run out and didn’t have time to freeze it. At the moment I am trying Aspen shavings for their litter tray.
I went to pick up 2 little doses of Revolution for puppies and kittens, and shared it out amongst the rats (about 0.05ml per rat, except for Tyrion, who got a bit less because he is small). I will see how that goes and maybe give another one in a month’s time if they have not stopped scratching.


Godric, Mordin and Garrus have been on Allergex for a week now. I think there has been some improvement in the amount of wheezing, but it has not completely cleared up. I will keep on with it for now.



One comment on “Excursions and Medications

  1. Ann Staub says:

    I let mine run around the floor if the living room is empty. Otherwise, she gets her free time on the kitchen counter. I don’t want her to get stepped on. I’ve heard that corn cob can hold a lot of mildew and stuff in it, at least for birds. I guess it could be the same for rats too, but I don’t know.

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