Let’s celebrate spring! (a month late)


Hullo! What’s this?

Let’s celebrate spring by pushing the flowers out of the way so we can get to the snacks mommy sneakily hid at the bottom of this watering can.

I absolutely could not resist this cute watering can I saw in a shop window that I walk past every day when I go to and from work. That much temptation was just too much to resist. I started imagining the gorgeous shots with a little rat head peeking adorably out of the top of the watering can, with a little flower on the side, and before I knew it I was paying for the water can and some silk flowers to go with it!

I regret nothing.




Balancing act


3 comments on “Let’s celebrate spring! (a month late)

  1. Ann Staub says:

    Those are such cute photos! We are preparing for fall here where I live, so it’s all pumpkins and such.

  2. Kate says:

    Yes I see some pumpkin things going around here as well, in preparation for Holloween. 🙂

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