Sharpshooting photoshooter

A photoshoot with rats should never be undertaken lightly.

Garrus escapes from the set.

I will never pose for you! Never!

It’s been some time since I have tried it, and so I was quite excited to do another photoshoot with my dear fuzzbutts, unaware of what awaited me.

I went out to get some batteries for my camera, and I picked up a small pack of mini-marie biscuits at the same time – a little bit of bribery.

I set up the ‘stage’ on my bed: a cream blanket covering a section I partitioned with boxes, with as much light as I could manage from bedside lamp, the light of the room and an extra light I found.  I hate using flash and since I have an automatic camera, a lot of light is necessary to prevent motion blur.

Well, by the time I was set up and ready, all of my rats were convinced that whatever I was doing in the room was a trap to be avoided at all costs (where is the trust, rats?).

Well, the moment the first rat’s little legs touched the blanket on the ‘stage’, he was off.  Not one of those rats was willing to stay on that stage for long enough for me to lift my camera to my eye.

“Try a biscuit,” I thought. Hah!

“Great! Thanks mom, I’m just gonna go eat it round the corner in the box, ‘kay?”

Well, I managed to get a few only slightly blurry action shots and then, eventually, I had to bring out the big guns – porridge. See, porridge is one thing I know will get them to stay in place and eat, because they can’t pick it up and run away with it! Problem solved! Sort of.  So I don’t quite have the photos I wanted, but I have photos.

Oh alright mom, if you insist, I guess I'll sit still for you.

Oh alright mom, if you insist, I guess I’ll sit still for you.

Oh hey - what's this?

Oh hey – what’s this?

What? You expect me to pose with this thing?

What? You expect me to pose with this thing?

Quit shoving!

Quit shoving!




4 comments on “Sharpshooting photoshooter

  1. Awww. Those are some great pigtures! Our hooman always says she can never use half of the pigtures she takes of us because they are just blurs of us disappearing round something whee shouldn’t!

    Have a great wheekend

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  2. ownedbyrats says:

    We have many, many photos of tails. And artfully arranged cushions, with not a rat to be seen.

    • Kate says:

      Yes, I know exactly the thing you mean. Once, I took a photo when I saw 1 rat face sticking out from the blanket. When I looked up from the camera I saw no rat face, and captured on the camera was a photo of 2 rat faces – that’s how fast it happened!

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